Bee removal for homeowners Starts 6-4-16

Animal Experts Inc announced the availability of their new Bee removal Service beginning 6-4-16. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest Bee removal Service will soon be able to get involved with Animal Experts Inc. Today Marc Hammond, Owner at Animal Experts Inc releases details of the new Bee removal Service’s development.

The Bee removal Service is designed to appeal specifically to homeowners and includes:

Humane capture – This was included because Animal Experts Inc truly cares about what happens to the critters and bees that are captured and relocated. This is great news for the consumer as they don’t have to worry about the animal being harmed.

Quick removal – This was made part of the service, since people with a swarm of bees don’t want a long drawn out process for bee removal. Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because techs are in and out quickly.

Professional services – Animal Experts Inc made sure to make this part of the Bee removal Service’s development as there are a few rookies out there and that can have an effect on how things are done. Customers of the Bee removal Service will likely appreciate this because Animal Experts Inc has been doing this for decades (since 1991) and know what it takes to get it done right.

Marc Hammond, when asked about the Bee removal Service said:

“Bees have become a real problem for a lot of people in the Tucson area! We’re here to get rid of them fast and easy! “

This is the latest offering from Animal Experts Inc and Marc Hammond is particularly excited about this launch because it gives people peace of mind that they don’t have to worry about getting stung by bees on their own property!

Those interested in learning more about Animal Experts Inc and their Bee removal Service scan do so on the website at…

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