Bee Cave TX Natural Neuropathy Treatment – Holistic Pain Relief Service Launched

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Bee Cave, TX - Roger Borbon DC, DACNB, FACFN, CCCN, otherwise known as Dr. Pure Life (512-306-9800), recently released three YouTube videos that discuss uncommon insights of neuropathy. The holistic practitioner has developed a treatment that resolves the condition without surgery.

Helping more people understand how neuropathy develops, Dr. Borbon invites patients to view his new YouTube videos. Here, viewers learn what the condition is, why it develops, and how it can be safely resolved without surgery or medication.

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The newly released series of YouTube videos affirm the commitment of Dr. Borbon to offer a breakthrough neuropathy treatment that he has carefully designed after years of research and practice. Dr. Pure Life’s 100% natural approach has been independently studied to rapidly resolve 48.7% of neuropathy symptoms in 90 days. Further, consistent and regular sessions help patients improve their balance, decrease pain, and lower the risk of falling.

Neuropathy describes a dysfunction of the nerves. Those with the condition often complain of numbness or tingling in the affected area, which may worsen into muscle weakness. Because neuropathy typically starts in the hands or feet, doctors recommend patients seek immediate treatment once they begin to manifest symptoms.

Only 30% of all neuropathies are related to diabetes. Therefore, the majority of cases are derived from myriad of other causes which can delay a proper diagnosis and treatment. Older people are more vulnerable to the disorder, though younger people may also be affected.

Typically, the condition is managed with dozens of medicines and each lists their own side effects. Surgical options include nerve ablation, spinal cord implants or amputation, but these are often expensive and do not guarantee any permanent cure for the symptoms.

Dr. Borbon offers an alternative: a safe, all-natural solution that addresses neuropathy at its core rather than treating its symptoms. Through his breakthrough techniques, patients can resolve their neuropathy without drugs or medicine in as little as 90 days. Further details can be found at

Dr. Roger Borbon is a multi-awarded functional neurologist who believes in approaching recovery with a holistic approach.

A grateful patient wrote, “When I entered his office for the first time, I walked slowly using a cane due to severe neuropathy in my legs. My GP & other doctors told me there was nothing that could be done…but I now have feeling in my feet which helps me walk and helps my balance. I am 75 and looking forward to my new future thanks to Dr. Borbon and his staff.”

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