Bed Bug Treatment Company Says Most Not As Vigilant As Needed to Kill Bed Bugs

Environmental Heat Solutions offers bed bug heat treatment services throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia & Pennsylvania to help families get rid of the bed bugs.

No one likes waking up to bed bugs, but unfortunately, most people aren’t as vigilant as they should be about these pests. Most people only respond to bed bug threats if they hear stories of bed bugs invading hotel rooms, schools, or other large locations that house many people at the same time. These stories tend to drop off after the building in question fixes its bed bug problems. Bed bug awareness also tends to decrease as winter gives way to spring and hospitality businesses begin cleaning their linens. The truth is, bed bugs can invade any environment, including the cleanest residential home. Infestations can occur any time throughout the year and bedbugs can thrive in most, if not all, United States regions.

Bed bugs have continued disrupting homes and businesses as recently as late February and early March. They have been found in areas not traditionally associated with bed bugs, such as Cerro Gordo County of Mason City, Iowa. Cerro Gordo County’s Healthy Homes Program coordinator, Jenna Willems, could not verify bed bug infestations in the county, but notes that the bugs have been “re-surging around the country for the last couple years now.” Thus, she urges citizens around the U.S. to be vigilant regarding bed bugs. “Take action, but don’t panic,” Willems says. People should know the kind of bug they are looking for. Bed bugs are traditionally oval and reddish-brown. As their name implies, bed bugs may congregate around sleeping areas but can be found in draperies and furniture cracks as well. They may cause an itchy rash, but their bites are not visible or felt in about 70% of the population.

Environmental Heat Solutions offers unique remedies for bed bugs that will eradicate the pest problem without resorting to harmful chemicals and pesticides. “Many residents of the locations we serve are environmentally conscious,” one technician explains. “Therefore, we offer heat-based removal and canine bed bug detection rather than traditional fumigation methods. We recommend heat removal since bed bugs cannot tolerate heat and will die quickly once a building’s internal temperature is raised.”

About: Environmental Heat Solutions is a green bed bug extermination company serving several areas in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic US.

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