Beauty Brand Product Launch For New Entrepreneurs – Expert Course Released

Kristin Adams, a beauty brand business consultant, announces her latest offering Beauty Brand Academy which helps beauty entrepreneurs learn how to launch their own successful beauty brand.

Kristin Adams, a beauty brand business consultant, has announced the release of her latest offering Beauty Brand Academy, and its online flagship course, “How To Launch”, to help beauty entrepreneurs learn how to launch their own successful beauty brand. The course includes 12 modules that can be completed at the client’s own pace.

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Kristin’s newly released web course thoroughly covers every aspect of how to launch a beauty brand from product ideation, sales, and marketing, to operations including shipping, fulfillment, and logistics.

Taking courses on how to create a successful brand will provide invaluable insight on what the cosmetic business truly needs, essential brand strategy tips, and discovering the cost for product development and manufacturing.

The first half of the curriculum will help clients learn concepts including how to identify trends, define their target market, craft their unique brand story, create products on a small budget, find a manufacturer, and price products when working with distributors.

The later modules will teach clients beauty business aspects including a guest appearance by a small business attorney. The topics taught in how to file company taxes, trademark, what types of insurance their brand needs. The course includes essential beauty brand marketing training for success, how to find the right influencers to work with, and how to save on cosmetic packaging and shipping. Those who enroll in the course will have an unlimited amount of time to complete the curriculum and have the opportunity to also receive one-on-one consulting calls with Kristin. Clients will also have a 30-day money-back guarantee that will allow them to get a full refund if they aren’t completely satisfied with their experience.

Kristin Adams has over 16 years of experience in developing, launching, building, and running a successful international beauty brand. She founded a natural cosmetics line and created a product line that included over 175 SKUs in the niche of natural cosmetics. Her brand was featured in magazines including the Huffington Post, Martha Stewart Magazine, New Beauty, Vegetarian Times, Body + Soul, and EcoParent.

Beauty Brand Academy’s mission is clear “We help beauty entrepreneurs cut through the chaos and overwhelm to create, manage and scale their cosmetic brands with passion, joy, and ease.”

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