Beachwood Cleveland Barre And Bounce Low-Impact Fun Exercise Classes Launched

A new Barre and Bounce class for Beachwood residents has been launched by The Wright Barre. It combines the low-impact, fun exercise of rebounding with traditional barre work to ensure an effective workout.

A new Beachwood, Cleveland Barre Bounce bellicon class has been launched by The Wright Barre, providing clients with an active way to improve their fitness. Barre and Bounce is a combination class that brings together the benefits of barre work and rebounding into one effective exercise solution.

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The newly launched combo class is designed to offer the optimum cardio and strength interval training for local Beachwood residents. The classes will combine strength exercises that tone the lower body, upper body, and core with calorie-burning cardio circuits.

In the class, participants will circuit between barre exercises using the bellicon, T-bar, and endurance-building cardio. The class was designed to tone each participant’s body for a dancer’s physique.

The Wright Barre rebounding studio utilizes the highest quality mini-trampolines in the world. Bellicon trampolines are designed to exercise all 638 muscles in the body while offering a low-impact solution to fitness.

Practitioners explain that bellicon workouts are among the most enjoyable they’ve experienced. Part of the reason for this is the low-stress environment and the revitalizing nature of the workout.

The bellicon trampoline can benefit health in a variety of ways. It’s popular among back-pain sufferers, those with allergies, and those wishing to lose weight. It’s also a highly effective form of exercise for osteoarthritis.

Around Beachwood, demand for high-intensity workouts is on the rise. Bounce classes make use of individual mini trampolines, designed to tone the body and increase circulation while improving balance and endurance.

Now these classes are being incorporated into the regular barre work employed by The Wright Barre. The classes are run by Courtney J, a certified Barre and Bounce instructor and personal coach. After 10 years of practicing ballet and skating, she has a unique understanding of the body, fitness and music.

A recent participant said: “Cleveland is so lucky to have The Wright Barre. The Barre and Bounce class not only gives you an amazing workout, but it is so fun and makes you feel like a kid again. I have been rebounding for years and am so excited to have a community to bounce with!”

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