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MyGeckoBox has released Three previously unpublished facts about its Children's arts and crafts subscription boxes "Beach Life Discovery Box". Further information can be found at

MyGeckoBox has today made public three as yet unreleased facts about its Children’s arts and crafts subscription box ‘Beach Life Discovery Box. These subscription boxes are available for purchase on line through the MyGeckoBox website, and offers are sometimes available at a discounted rate through special offers on other online shops, which fans and consumers within the Educational Arts and Crafts space should find particularly interesting.

The Three items include nuggets such as how:

Beach Life Discovery Box had been in development for 3 Months and had a team of four mums working on it, which is considered small by industry standards. This goes to show with four hands- on mums who are crazy about education then great things can be achieved.

The Children’s arts and crafts subscription boxes almost didn’t see the light of day, when shipping out the contents to the Dinosaur Discovery Box in which the science experiment was a volcano with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Unfortunately, the vinegar did not travel well and erupted mid flight. The problem was overcome by different packaging, and sending the vinegar in a secure bottle on future flights.

MyGeckoBox did something different compared to other businesses in the Educational Arts and Crafts space, by going into local schools and running workshops to product test the individual crafts in each box.

Beach Life Discovery Box was released as part of MyGeckoBox’s greater plans to educate the educators in the art learning interactively. It’s hoped this goal will be achieved and many more schools will want to buy the fantastic classroom packs and that they will become a household name

MyGeckoBox got it’s start when the founders noticed a growing need for kids to learn basic tasks like sewing and have non electronic device time to develop and use their own imaginations. The product was developed in response to a growing need for children to learn old fashioned skills. The four founders of MyGeckoBox are all mums with experience in involving children in hands on activities like arts and crafts and learning to read. They have brought these skills into their products with the simply worded easy to follow instruction leaflets for each craft which are carefully designed to encourage reading skills. With this in mind the team decided to go ahead and start their own online subscription box business in 2016.

It is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with our customers. The team are active with local schools and clubs, in addition to keeping their Facebook profile interesting with photos of what they have been up to. To connect with customers, they send out a monthly newsletter with the latest offers included, along with a regular honest mums blog page and releasing these little factoids even after Beach Life Discovery Box hits the market are what make all the difference.”

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