Beach Wheelchair All Terrain Manual Off Road Outdoor 4×4 Mobility Chair Launched

Extreme Motus has launched a new product, an all-terrain, 4x4, outdoor wheelchair that has the capabilities to navigate mountain trails, beaches, and more.

Extreme Motus has launched a new and proprietary product, the Emma X3. The Emma X3 is an all-terrain, outdoor, 4×4 wheelchair developed to make outdoor adventure more accessible to wheelchair users.

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The Emma X3 is a wheelchair designed to make the inaccessible, accessible. The manual chair has been developed to withstand all outdoor conditions including narrow paths, rough terrain, and even water.

With its four-wheel drive capabilities, the chair can be used for hunting, off-roading, beach-going, and more. Its robust design works well for any outdoor activity. The chair is equipped with many features including a comfortable bucket seat, adjustable height, disk brakes and water floating capabilities.

For transport convenience the chair is foldable, lightweight and compact. It weights 49lbs with a 180lb weight capacity, can climb 3 stairs at a time and glides over sand and rocks with ease.

The main goal of the company is to help those with disabilities open new doors and get them outdoors to explore new adventures like trails, beaches or even just go out to a concert or sports game without having to worry about accessibility.

The story behind the project began when a young girl named Emma became paralyzed. When a biologist visited Emma’s school looking for volunteers to go on a bear-tracking expedition, Emma expressed interest in going. The biologist got to work to develop a way for Emma to navigate the trails, and the result was eventually developed into the Emma X3.

Safety is of utmost importance to the team at Extreme Motus, and the Emma X3 has been developed with safety and comfort in mind. The chairs are designed with high edges and big wheels for the smoothest, safest ride.

The designers of the Emma X3 have worked hard to develop a product that has the potential to change the daily lives of wheelchair users by allowing them to take part in activities that were previously out of the realm of possibility.

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