Be A Good Guest During The Holiday Season With GoodKnight’s Mattress Protector

Be prepared to sleep in the guest room for the holiday season with GoodKnight's mattress protector. Prevent accidents or spills in case of staining or destroying the host's mattress.

The holiday season is quickly approaching. That means sleeping on that old bed in the family home in the guest room. Since this bed probably has not been used or slept in since probably last year during the holidays, it is anybody’s guess what organisms and bacteria have accumulated in the mattress. Not to mention the dust that have been created by dust mites that are hiding out and making a home in the bed. By no means does this mean the host is unclean, but just that these organisms prefer the warmth and dark environment of being in a mattress, where they go unseen and avoid being exterminated.

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Luckily, GoodKnight’s mattress protector can be easily folded and packed to be brought to repel those pesky bugs and dust mites, whether to a guest bed or a hotel bed. This is also helpful when having kids that are still potty training, or occasionally still having accidents while asleep. Most can agree to say that having a mattress protector to prevent this messy situation would be highly appreciated.

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GoodKnight’s product has stretchy tight fitting design in order to fit snugly on mattresses. This prevents the protector from slipping off the mattress, which is a trait most mattress covers lack. It feels soft underneath a regular bed sheet, because the cover is made without any noisy vinyl, but instead a soft terry cloth cotton. The encasement is intended to fit on all mattresses, even if sized down.

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This mattress protector is also a perfect gift during the holidays. It has many purposes such as for hygienic reasons, to protect the bed, keep bed bugs and other critters out, and it’s main purpose: being waterproof. Whether there are children in a family or an adult or elder who is having issues with incontinence, GoodKnight’s mattress protector can guarantee a safe and dry night’s sleep.

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