bCast Suite Podcast Marketing/Audio Content – Multi-Language Solution Launched

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bCast Suite, an all-in-one audio and podcast marketing platform has been launched, allowing users to create and promote a podcast in just 60 seconds. The platform features AI-powered voiceovers and quick content creation.

bCast Suite, an all-in-one podcast marketing and audio content creation solution, has been launched. The newbie-friendly platform aims to make podcasting easy for anyone, with the ability to curate, create, and promote podcasts in 107 languages.

Further details on the launch can be found at https://bonuscrate.com/g/10191/103419/

bCast Suite has been launched to make podcasting easy and accessible to anyone who has always wanted to create audio content.

Podcasts have grown in popularity, not only for listeners but also for marketers. According to PwC, In 2020, over 100 million people listened to a podcast every month, and it is estimated that podcast ad spends could more than double to $1.7 billion in 2024. The launch of bCast Suite allows new entrants to the podcasting scene to join the exponential growth in audio and podcast marketing.

bCast Suite is a complete set of cloud-based tools to help users drive more traffic and increase sales through podcasting. The suite, created by top experts in the field, allows users to create podcasts for themselves or their clients in just 60 seconds, without the need to start from scratch or create any content as shown in this review: https://youtu.be/qzj8hU1Rzug

bContent uses deep search filters and quick convert, among other tools, to create content in three clicks. bVoice eliminates the need for a voiceover as the platform includes more than 460 voiceovers and AI text-to-speech. The bCast Suite will automatically share the user’s podcast to the top 20 podcast platforms, including iTunes and Spotify, so there are no hosting costs.

bCast Suite is launching to assist companies and individuals who want to grow their social engagement, generate free traffic, and increase their sales leads and revenue through podcast marketing. The platform can also be used by enterprising individuals who want to start their own podcast production agency.

A company spokesperson said: “bCast Suite is a game-changer for local marketers, agencies, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and any aspiring podcaster. They can use it in any niche to reach a growing audience of listeners and raise brand awareness.”

More information is available at https://bonuscrate.com/g/10191/103419/

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