BBQ Oven Mitts Heat Resistant Flexible Silicon Grill Gloves Launched

A new heat resistant grill gloves product has been launched on Amazon by Cave Tools. Cave Tools offer their customers the best in premium quality cooking and barbecue tools.

Cave Tools have announced the Amazon launch of their new grill gloves. The heat-resistant oven gloves are designed to make cooking, baking and grilling easier and safer than ever before.

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Cave Tools is a company dedicated to creating high quality cooking and barbecue tools for their customers. The company prides itself on its excellent customer service and offer their customers free tips, guides and recipes to help them get the best out of their Cave Tools accessories.

The company have recently announced the Amazon launch of their new grill gloves. These heat-resistant kitchen gloves are ideal for all types of cooking, including smoking, grilling and baking.

The new oven gloves are heat resistant up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit and have extended cuffs to protect the cook’s forearms from burns when grilling or reaching into the back of a hot oven.

The flexible gloves are made from a light weight flame retardant aramid fiber which is coated in a non-slip silicone, offering the best in grip and ease of use. The one-size-fits-all accessory features a polycotton lining for comfort and are easy to clean.

Cave Tools are also providing their customers with 25 professional barbecue recipes and a free downloadable meat smoking journal for iOS and Android with every purchase of their grill gloves. The heat resistant oven gloves are also covered by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

A customer has said of their Cave Tools grill gloves: “Just received these gloves and impressed with the quality and fit. Perfect for moving hot grates in my Weber smoker or lifting meat from the grill. Looking forward to many years of use.”

Those wishing to find out more about Cave Tools new grill gloves can visit the Amazon listing on the link provided above.

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