Bayville NY, CNC Shop Gears, Sprockets, Conveyor Belt Components Product Launch

Long Island-based precision mechanical component manufacturer and supplier Gear Techtronics has launched an expanded range of CNC-produced sprockets, pulleys, fasteners, and shafts. They also launched a new website and catalog.

Gear Techtronics, a New York based manufacturer and supplier of precision mechanical components, has launched an updated range of sprockets, pulleys, fasteners, and shafts for clients in Bayville, Sea Cliff, Floral Park or for online order across the US. In addition, the company has launched a new website and parts catalog to showcase the growing product line.

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The recently expanded range comes in response to increasing demand for high quality CNC-machined parts from industries such as robotics, optics, aerospace, and instrumentation manufacturing.

Owing to their fine details, precision mechanical components require accurate and consistent manufacturing processes. These often-overlooked parts play a crucial role in the effective operation of many everyday items such as electric motors.

Gear Techtronics applies over 30 years’ experience in precision parts manufacturing to the latest range of products, providing a variety of industries with cost-effective, off-the-shelf components that have been produced using advanced computer-aided equipment.

The company’s line of sprockets and pulleys now extends to geared pulleys, grooved pulleys, timing pulleys, and timing pulley stock.

Gear Techtronics has also expanded the range of fasteners to include shoulder screws, captive screws, thumb screws, knobs, threaded studs, dowel pins, and clamps.

All components produced by Gear Techtronics are developed in-house using advanced computer aided design (CAD) software, which generates accurate 3D models ready for production. Items are then cut using computer numerical control (CNC) equipment, which provides manufacturing tolerances down to 0.01-0.05mm. The processes used are highly accurate and consistent, ensuring every component produced meets the highest standards.

In addition to the latest range of sprockets, pulleys, fasteners, and shafts, the company also supplies a variety of precision gears, couplings, and bearings.

Pricing for Gear Techtronics’ precision components is available on request through the company’s website. Alternatively, Gear Techtronics also works with a number of distributor partners including Bisco Industries, Motion Industries, and Cheap Cheap Components.

A company representative stated: “Our customers can rely on our quality, competitive prices and fast delivery. We can cross reference any competitors’ catalog part number. Before purchasing any mechanical components from other brand name, give Gear Techtronics a try.”

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