Bayside CA Adult Guitar Education Rapid Guitar Learning Course Launched

Bayside, CA adult guitar education company Guaranteed Guitar has launched its rapid guitar learning course for adults aged 40 and above. The course features more than 100 instructional videos and special techniques to rapidly gain proficiency in playing the guitar.

Bayside, CA adult guitar education company Guaranteed Guitar announced the launch of a rapid guitar learning course for adults. The course is designed for guitar enthusiasts and learners with little or no knowledge of music theory.

More information about Guaranteed Guitar is available at

The rapid guitar learning course features more than 100 videos of instructional content catering to beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners.

The course introduces learners to basic concepts such as: how to strum an acoustic guitar correctly, how to strum with a pick smoothly, guitar chords and strumming patterns for songs and how to identify guitar chords by ear.

Intermediate and advanced learners are equipped to identify and understand how to construct chord progressions and how to play a song just from listening to the recording.

The course focuses on rapid learning and training of the brain for muscle memory. The course design is customized to the needs of learners in the age group of 40 through 80 and provides instruction using popular music across multiple genres and styles.

The course also dispels some myths about learning the guitar such as: You have to be in your teens or twenties to learn the guitar, speed vs. proficiency, repetitive guitar drills and the importance of music theory.

The Guaranteed Guitar rapid learning program emphasizes the development of a student’s ear for music, overcoming learning obstacles and gaining proficiency through the program’s special learning and practice methods. More information about the course is available at

According to a spokesperson for the Bayside CA guitar education studio, “The Guaranteed Guitar program offers adult learners the opportunity to unlock their musical potential without an overload of music theory or endless hours of repetitive guitar drills and exercises. Our methodology charts a systematic and goal-oriented path from being a beginner to playing as a professional at any age.”

Guaranteed Guitar is headed by professional musician and guitar instructor Mark who has significant experience playing alongside local and international music acts. More information is available at and at the URL above.

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