Bayshore Snoring & CPAP Alternatives Is A Leadr In Sleep Apnea Treatment

Recent technology in oral appliances for sleep apnea has made testing for efficacy in the therapy much easier with compliance monitoring chips.

Bayshore Snoring & CPAP Alternatives has implemented a new element to its Oral Appliance Therapy, to benefit both new and existing patients. Compliance chips in oral appliances are becoming the industry standard, as they provide the doctor much more information to make proper recommendations about the patients’ ongoing therapy.

Specifically, this new technology will deliver the doctor a much better understanding of how the patient is accepting treatment; helping the doctor to make informed decisions about making therapy more effective at stopping sleep apnea. Bayshore Snoring & CPAP Alternatives has been able to do this because the technology in oral appliances has improved so much over the years, that they’re now considered a first line treatment for mild-moderate sleep apnea; compliance monitoring chips are the next level in giving doctors accurate results of how often the patient is wearing the appliance during sleep. .

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On this subject, Dr. Susan Bollinger, owner of Bayshore Snoring & CPAP Alternatives said: “Monitoring compliance in oral appliance therapy is extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. For one we know exactly how long our patients are wearing their appliances, giving us a good idea of any adjustments that may need to be made so that they wear the appliance throughout the night. It also allows us to show the diagnosing physician just how effective oral appliances are becoming for those patients who are CPAP non-compliant.”

Bayshore Snoring & CPAP Alternatives has made a point of listening to its patients and taking feedback wherever possible. They reportedly do this because it is very important to get feedback from patients, typically they express a dramatic increase in energy.

Having been treating sleep apnea now for many years, Bayshore Snoring & CPAP Alternatives strives to dramatically increase the health, sleep and well being of patients suffering with sleep apnea in the Newport Beach area. This dedication has made them known among patients and local physicians as being extremely effective at stopping snoring and preventing sleep apnea. .

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