Bay Area Steel Fencing Distribution Launches Stylish & Durable Options

With extreme weather becoming a regular occurrence across the US in recent times, having adequate boundary protection for property is now a growing concern for homeowners and businesses. In light of this, a Northern California-based fencing supplier (877-336-2321) announces an updated range of steel barriers.

ColorMAX Fencing NorCal provides a more durable and stylish alternative to traditional wood, vinyl, or chainlink fencing solutions. The company specializes in privacy fencing that offer increased privacy for residential applications, commercial premises, and building contractors.

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The announcement details a range of benefits for ColorMAX customers. The firm has an exclusive partnership with Australian manufacturer COLORBOND Steel, bringing clients the highest-quality materials for non-combustible and fire-resistant boundary protection and privacy.

Steel is much easier to maintain than fencing made from organic materials. Recycling is now commonplace in the steel industry, making it a sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice for fencing and barricades. Modern production processes also enable steel fences to be molded into aesthetically pleasing designs, providing a timeless and sleek look that can blend into the environment in a variety of settings.

All of the materials used by ColorMAX Fencing NorCal are rigorously tested against fire and harsh weather conditions, ensuring that customers are getting a product that is not only long-lasting and easy to maintain but also safe and sturdy whatever nature might throw at it.

ColorMAX offers steel fencing in a variety of colors and comes with a 10 year warranty. The steel base of the panels are coated with Activate technology, BlueScope’s industry-leading metallic coating that enhances anti-corrosion performance. A thin pre-treatment layer is applied to enhance the adhesion of further coatings. A polyester primer is baked onto the surface, then a topcoat of specially developed exterior grade lead-free paint is baked on for enhanced resistance to chipping, peeling, cracking and to ensure the finish retains its look longer.

ColorMAX Fencing NorCal provides steel privacy fencing to businesses, builders, and contractors, offering a ready supply of prefabricated steel structures to ensure contractors get the materials they need to keep their projects running on schedule. Installation is also a swift and simple process.

Privacy is a valuable commodity in the modern age. For property owners, ColorMAX steel privacy fencing adds significant value to their homes and business premises.

About ColorMAX Fencing NorCal

The company serves all of Northern California and Northern Nevada. It is part of the ColorMAX North America group – the first official distributor of COLORBOND steel in the US.

Mark Medina of ColorMAX Fencing NorCal says, “Our mission is to bring high quality, long lasting, easy to maintain fence options to the U.S. market. The current options (wood, vinyl, chainlink) do not hold up against harsh weather conditions and can cost home and business owners thousands of dollars in maintenance, repair and replacement costs. ColorMAX steel is designed to stand the test of time.”

With its latest product updates, ColorMAX Fencing NorCal is setting a new standard for steel privacy fencing.

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