Battery Manufacturer and Supply Chain Partner Announce New Partnership

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Storz Power and Targray have announced a formal launch of The Storz Power Battery Supply Chain Partnership

Two important companies in the renewable and energy storage industry are working together to create a more robust energy grid catering to their dealers and property owner end users. Here’s how:

Storz Power and Targray are officially announcing their new Battery Supply Chain Partnership. The two companies have a wealth of combined experience in manufacturing, distribution, renewable energy development, and creating value at the source that flows to the end consumer.

With the launch of the Storz Power Battery Supply Chain Partnership, Storz Power and Targray will be sharing multiple responsibilities including:

1) Accelerating the mass adoption of renewable energy – Both companies will increase product accessibility to installation teams and their customers thus improving renewable energy distribution world wide.

2) Working together to create a more robust energy grid – Both companies are focused on strengthening supply chains while making solar and energy storage products available to a wider audience. The result of these efforts will help local communities and states reach their renewable energy targets into the future with the reliability of energy storage systems paired with solar.

3) Improving manufacturing processes and quality – Storz Power and Targray Group’s international footprint enables them to globally source the best-in-class materials, manufacturing sources, and other related battery products while bringing them to market efficiently.

The important question we asked was, what does this mean for the end users?

Everett Brewer, CEO of Storz Power had this to say about the new launch of the Storz Power Battery Supply Chain Partnership with Targray:

“Storz Power is a prime example of a Targray success story. They are helping bring our battery solution to market quicker so we can focus on meeting growing battery demands due to shortages and recalls that other battery manufactures are seeing.”

The new Supply Chain Partnership has been created specifically for consumers and industry professionals who stand to benefit from multiple leading technology features such as:

– AI+ Smart Access Whole Home Power: This feature offers the end user the power to choose where they want to use energy by adding a Smart Access breaker panel so there’s no need to discriminate which circuits can be powered during outages and off-grid scenarios.

– Customizable AI+ packages: Stackable system components support Unlimited expansion of Smart Access panels and allows for customizable battery storage on a single inverter or array of inverters.

– The inverter’s power output is unsurpassed: The inverter is solar and generator ready both on grid and off grid. This enables charging the batteries using the orchestration of solar, a generator, the grid, or all three simultaneously.

Storz Power’s features and benefits are summarized by their main claim to building a smarter battery, not a bigger battery. Those interested in purchasing a Storz Power battery system can do so here:

Creating Value at the Source, Targray is a global leader in the sourcing, transportation, storage, trading and distribution of commodities and advanced materials for a broad range of industry sectors. Those interested in learning more about Targray can do so here:

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