Battery Backup Solar System Installation Launched For Apple Valley Homeowners

Option One Solar, known as the best solar company in the high desert, installs off-grid solar systems complete with battery backups for homeowners in Apple Valley, California.

The company’s latest launch includes roof, ground mount, and carport panel installation, as well as battery backup systems that allow customers to live independently from power grids. Above all, their solar systems help homeowners reduce their energy costs.

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According to the California Business Roundtable, the average residential electricity bill rose 25.9% between 2010 and 2020. Additionally, the state’s residential electricity price is 55.7% higher than the rest of the country. With the latest announcement, Option One Solar offers clients an eco-friendly alternative to rising utility costs.

Jerry Thomas, the company’s founder, began his career with the United States Air Force before moving into the Apollo Space Program. He leverages this experience into each solar project and demands “space program standards” from all his staff. As a result, clients are guaranteed the highest quality solar products and installation techniques.

Before installation, Option One Solar performs an energy analysis and cost-benefit report to highlight customers’ savings. Critically, battery systems allow customers to store their own energy, prevent power outages, and avoid using the energy grid at peak times. The result is an energy system that’s independent of California’s rising electricity costs.

Solar energy is the most affordable method of energy independence, too. With Option One Solar, customers can negate their entire utility bill through renewable energy. The company also offers financing plans. Additionally, each battery system has a 10-year warranty and requires no maintenance.

With the launch, the company continues to provide clients in Apple Valley with cost-effective means of energy independence.

About Option One Solar

The team at Option One Solar has over 50 years of experience in electrical and solar projects. In that time, they’ve developed a reputation for meticulous analysis and installation.

“They were our top choice after looking into various other companies,” said a satisfied client. “The entire process was a fantastic experience, from the design work to the final installation. Their crew was professional and clean — I’d recommend them to anyone.”

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