Baton Rouge Businesses Experience Growth with New Websites and Social Media

Baton Rouge businesses that are able to transition online are becoming more profitable and avoiding closures during the Covid pandemic. My Inde Office is locally owned and operated in Baton Rouge and is helping Louisiana businesses make these necessary transitions to remain open and profitable.

As many businesses continue to shut down or remain closed in the wake of the current pandemic, it has become increasingly evident that the businesses that are able to survive are the businesses that are able to adapt and increase their online presence. Restaurants that offer online ordering, curbside pickup, and deliveries are managing to stay afloat, while those who do not are falling to the wayside. Many are having to close their doors permanently.

Meanwhile Amazon has experienced record growth. Why? Because they harness the power of online business. If people are not able to go into stores, or they can go into stores but not do things like try on clothes, their insatiable desire to shop can be satisfied by only one thing – online ordering. That makes it clear that THIS is the time for businesses to be online if they want to survive the pandemic.

My Inde Office, which is locally owned and operated by Holly Benedetto in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is providing web design and marketing services to Baton Rouge area businesses to help small businesses in her area stay alive. She offers a wide range of services from one pagers to explainer videos, video testimonials, regular social media posts and marketing, press releases, and complete online presence campaigns that both optimize search engine accessibility and marketing.

Here are a few of her creations and ongoing campaigns:

Henry Homes is a licensed and insured general contractor in the Greater Baton Rouge area who has three divisions of his business: custom built homes, remodels, and roofing. You can check out some of his 360 tours of custom homes he built on his website.

We Celebrate It! Yard Cards specializes in making people feel surprised and special on their special occasion days. A testimonial compilation video was made for their business, which you can on their website. Their site was also optimized with an ability to request service.

Dr. Niels Linschoten is an exceptional orthopedic surgeon in the Baton Rouge area and beyond. You can see multiple videos about him on his YouTube channel curated by My Inde Office. That channel includes a few different types of patient testimonial videos. Dr. Linschoten also benefits from regular updates to social media accounts. If someone needs orthopedic care, they can now easily discover that Dr. Linschoten is the best option in the Greater Baton Rouge area.

Another client of My Inde Office is Global Processing Technologies. They are hands down the best option for credit card processing in the nation and throughout the world, as they run a compliant cash discount program that saves businesses from having to pay processing fees on credit and debit card transactions and increases their profit per transaction. Medical Processing Technologies is a division of GPT that specializes in medical payment processing, and Tax Processing Technologies focuses on state and local government payment collection systems that helps to balance government budgets and increase revenue without increasing taxes to citizens.

A Clear View Auto Glass specializes in repairing or replacing damaged vehicle windows and doors. They have a location off of Acadian Thwy in Baton Rouge, but they also offer a free mobile service, where they will come to you for your windshield repairs or replacements. They also accept insurance and in many cases can provide the repairs with no out of pocket expenses to the vehicle owner.

My Inde Office has even picked up an aspiring politician named Xan John who is running for United States Senate in Louisiana. The website encompasses his platform and inspires potential voters to get involved.

One example of an effective “one-pager” website is Father’s Haircuts, which is a local barber shop in Port Allen, LA. It gives potential customers the opportunity to set their own appointments or call to connect with someone who can.

The most effective online strategies cannot rely solely on a website. A store with no visitors will quickly and easily come to a close. Something needs to drive visitors the “store” (website). By optimizing search engine accessibility and running ad campaigns on social media, these businesses and many like them can continue to experience growth.

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