Bathtub Toy Organizer Holder Storage Basket With Suction Cups Launched On Amazon

The innovative and market leading EVK Planet Bath Tub Organizer, combining extra strong 3 inch suction cups holding up to 8 lbs of bath toys or shower accessories with a durable, sturdy stylish and lightweight design, has been launched on Amazon.

The EVK Planet announced the launch of its unique, convenient, durable and industry leading Bath Toy Organizer ideal to conveniently store bath toys or accessories and featuring extra strong 3 inch suction cups able to hold up to 8 lbs.

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The EVK Planet is a popular family owned business committed to providing a line of unique and affordable lifestyle products, from bath toy organizers to foldable selfie sticks or dog collars and LED candles, which improve and innovate on the convenience, style, durability and effectiveness of similar solutions in the market.

The business announced that its innovative and leading EVK Bath Toy Organizer, ideal to store bath toys or shower accessories with its range of extra strong suction cups specifically manufactured to improve on existing solutions in the market and ensure the storage bag stays hooked to the shower or bath tiles for longer, is now available on Amazon.

The lightweight, easy to use and stylish blue bathtub caddy launched by EVK Planet and manufactured employing high quality materials to ensure a durable, sturdy and long lasting solution is equipped with both 2 inch suction cups holding up to 2.2 lbs and market leading 3 inch extra strong suction cups holding up 8 lbs.

More information on the EVK Planet Bath Toy Organizer, now available on Amazon, and comparisons with multiple competitor products along with additional details on its innovative features and extra strong suction cups can be can be consulted on the website link provided above along with multiple costumer testimonials or 5 star ratings and usage instructions.

The EVK Planet explains that “we wanted to provide a bath toy organizer that was better than our competitors’ and our team did extensive research to find that the main problem of bath organizers currently in the market is their suction cups which can’t hold the weight and fall off too quickly. We found a solution for it by using the strongest hooked suction cups that stay on the tile for a long time”.

The company adds that “our bath toy organizer is the most thoughtful and competitive on the market with our extra strong suction cups with a diameter of 3’’ and holding up to 8 lbs. Our competitors’ suction cups are 1 inch and can’t hold more than 1.5 lbs. Our team also went the extra mile to make it different, stylish, high quality, durable and in a size that won’t take too much space in the bathtub or shower but will definitely keep it organized”.

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