Bathtub Drain Stopper Hair Clog Prevention Product Reports Released

A new series of Tubshroom reports have been released by Good Housekeeping Institute. The popular Tubshroom has been rated as the best in its field, being easy to clean and very affordable.

Good Housekeeping Institute announced an updated series of reviews about Tubshroom. The mushroom-shaped device fits into bathroom drain holes to prevent hair clogging.

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The newly released reports rank Tubshroom as one of the best tools for preventing bathtub hair clogs. Good Housekeeping Institute, one of the most trusted sources for reviews on household products, ranks Tubshroom as the best bathtub tool for preventing hair clogs and other outlets describe it as the most effective solution for clogging.

A major contributing factor to its success is its design. The cylindrical mushroom shape it carries allows for hair strands to be caught while the pores present in its structure allow for water to flow freely. Although all the hairs are being caught, they are never seen until the consumer decides to clean the Tubshroom. Additionally, the Tubshroom comes in 6 different colors to suit the aesthetic needs of all consumers.

Another aspect of the product that the reviews highlighted was the cost. Tubshroom can be purchased for as low as $13 dollars on Amazon. Each review contrasted the cost of having a plumber unclog the drains versus the cost of Tubshroom. One writer highlighted that she spent about half of her rent to get her drains unclogged on a previous occasion.

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In addition to accredited sites, Tubshroom has garnered 32,915 customer reviews with 71% of them being 5-star reviews. A satisfied customer wrote: “Before using the Tubshroom, I used a flat hair catcher on my tub/shower drain and cleaning it was gross. This one really does the job nicely. When you lift it from the drain, the hair (absent gunk since only hair remains) is caught by the lip. Hence, you can easily remove hair with a tissue. Also since there is plenty of little drainage holes, it doesn’t get moldy compared to a flat hair catcher that covers the top of the drain. The material is soft and easily pliable, thus, fits drain and catches all hair. Well worth the cost compared to hiring a professional drain cleaner.”

The latest reports highlight the success of the Tubshroom in providing customers throughout the world with high-quality drain protection and clog prevention products.

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