Bathroom renovations and remodeling contractors in London Ontario no small feat

As a city with a large number of Victorian-era homes, many Londoners are faced with the question of what to do with a small bathroom? Interior decorator Mati Edwards of MatiDesign has a few suggestions.

As residents of an old city with a rich history, many Londoners are familiar with both the benefits and drawbacks of a Victorian-era home.

And while fine woodwork and grand entranceways are nice, those who own Victorian-era homes also run into several issues – including drafty windows, old wiring, and small bathrooms.

It’s easy enough to replace windows and wiring, but what can be done about a small bathroom? Is it possible to make a room look bigger just by renovating it?

“You’re stuck with the space,” says Mati Edwards of MatiDesign, an interior decorator and lifelong Londoner. “Whatever the space is, it is what it is. So it’s important to use it intelligently, without cramming every inch of it with stuff.”

The more filled a space is, the more cluttered it can seem. This is even truer for a smaller space, which means a small bathroom can end up looking very cluttered very quickly.

One solution, suggests Mati, is to keep most bathroom items in an area outside the bathroom itself.

“It may be a bit of an adjustment at first, but if you can keep your bathroom stuff in a linen closet instead of keeping it in the washroom, that’s the best idea. Just because it’s a bathroom doesn’t mean you have to keep all your bathroom stuff in there.”

Increasingly, home owners and home renovation contractors alike are turning to interior decorators like Mati for help with choosing how to best use the space in a small bathroom.

“Choosing the right colour and lighting can make an enormous difference in how your bathroom looks and feels. And while most contractors are incredibly skilled at building a room, not all of them have the eye for layout and design to put together the blueprint. That’s where an interior decorator can help.”

This can sometimes include some outside-the-box solutions, like building a new bathroom altogether.

“If you have a spare bedroom or the kids have moved out, it can be a good idea to turn that space into a spacious washroom. The old washroom can become a walk-in closet, while the new washroom has much more room to build a home spa, including a nice whirlpool bath or a sauna.”

But despite all the work that goes into renovating and maintaining them, Victorian-era homes are as popular as ever.

“People love Victorian homes, but not Victorian plumbing or wiring. But you have to take the good with the bad.”

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