Basketball Shooting Form Strap Training Aid To Improve Accuracy & Skill Launched

Jay Wolf’s Star Shooter basketball shooting program launched a highly effective and NBA coach-endorsed shooting strap to help improve shooting mechanics, develop a proper one hand release and deliver dramatic accuracy improvements regardless of the shooter’s age and skill level.

The leading basketball shooting program Jay Wolf’s Star Shooter announced the launch of a premium and highly effective basketball shooting strap endorsed by multiple well-known basketball personalities and ideal to help develop a perfect shooting form and improve accuracy.

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Jay Wolf’s Star Shooter is the best-selling basketball shooting program worldwide with an established reputation for providing a broad range of highly effective and popular tools, training videos and camps drawing on a one-of-a-kind and proven method to help improve shooting accuracy, endorsed by multiple basketball entities, from NBA coaches Flip Saunders or Kevin McHale to Hall of Famer Lute Olsen.

The program has announced the launch of its Jay Wolf’s Shooting Strap, a premier and highly effective training aid tool to help anyone develop the perfect shooting form and mechanics by forcing the use of a proper one-hand release and deliver dramatic improvements in the overall shooting accuracy regardless of the shooter’s age and current skill level.

The newly launched Jay Wolf’s Shooting Strap is available in multiple colors on its own or combined with its multiple different Star Shooter training DVDs or highly popular workout and practice manuals detailing the famous and highly effective one of a kind process, method and drills to help improve shooting accuracy.

More information on the Jay Wolf’s Star Shooter program and the newly launched shooting strap and its other tools, training solutions and camps or details on its proven and coach-endorsed method for improving accuracy can be consulted on the website link provided above along with multiple player and coach testimonials along with free shooting practice & drills videos.

The prominent NBA Coach Kevin McHale explains that “I was amazed at how much my kids improve their accuracy and mechanics in less than three weeks. The strap is unbelievable”. The Sanderson High School basketball coach, Mike Shawl, added that “we saw immediate success with this strap. This will sound crazy but one of my guards doubled his shooting percentages”.

The Jay Wolf’s Star Shooter program explains that “endorsed by thousands of coaches worldwide, our shooting strap is the best product available to improve accuracy and form no matter the age or current skill level. Coaches have been amazed at how it immediately begins developing both hands with proper mechanics and delivers dramatic improvements for almost everyone”.

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