Basingstoke Accountant Plans For Bumper New Year

Olusegun Kazim, owner of Certax Accounting in Basingstoke is projecting his best year ever.

Basingstoke Accountant, Olusegun Kazim, is planning to expand his business greatly next year. He is already the owner of two of Certax’s franchises – Basingstoke and Newbury. He is planning to double the size of each practice in 2015.

Kazim reports, “Since I’ve started with the Newbury franchise I have taken on a dozen or so new clients which has helped my business grow substantially. With new marketing strategies next year I hope to add at least 10 new clients to my business in each location.”

Certax is a franchise that is represented nationwide and supports well over 100 franchisees in its network. Founded in 1999 by Keith Bradshaw and Co, franchisees can apply for certain geographical areas in which to run their practice with ongoing support and training from the Head Office.

Kazim claimed the Basingstoke franchise just over 3 years ago and after rapid success, earlier this year he secured the rights to the Newbury franchise. Both of the offices have two staff in each, a certified accountant and a support staff member. Kazim oversees the running of both locations from his Basingstoke base. You can find out more about his operations here:

Kazim finishes by saying, “We are currently investing heavily in marketing and client acquisition to grow the businesses. I spend much of my time networking and growing my contacts and we have also invested heavily in the internet as we believe it has tremendous potential for the future. Next year I want to attract more press coverage and develop a finely tuned direct mail campaign for both locations. When all this is in place I’m confident we’ll see our client numbers grow substantially.”

Kazim has set large goals for the growth of his business. With the right systems put in place and a little bit of luck he’s confident he can achieve it.

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