Basement Waterproofing Foundation Services in Minneapolis getting Rave Reviews

There are many reasons Minneapolis Minnesota residents need foundation repair and basement waterproofing. Minneapolis Foundation Services has encountered all kinds of concrete repair and has rave reviews.

A building’s foundation is responsible for maintaining the stability of a structure, but it can sustain damage for any number of reasons. Minneapolis Foundation Service has successfully maintained an impressive five-star ratings for foundation repair and basement waterproofing.

“My goal is to exceed every customer’s expectations during the foundation repair process,” said Jay Lee, foundation inspector and repair specialist at Minneapolis Foundation Services.

The company provides foundation repair, basement waterproofing and foundation inspections for the Twin Cities in Minneapolis. A foundation problem can quickly escalate, requiring prompt repair and restoration if a structure is to maintain stability. Minneapolis Foundation Services provides repair services and basement waterproofing, an essential first step for transforming a basement into functional living space.

Prompt attention, professional service, and affordability are just some of the reasons that Minneapolis Foundation Services has earned a five-star Google rating from clients. Even if visible problems such as cracking, sagging and uneven floors, or gaps around windows and doors aren’t visible, they may still exist. The company provides foundation inspections as a preventative measure.

Too much moisture in surrounding soil can be absorbed by a foundation, causing it to weaken. Poor drainage is the number one cause of foundation problems. Conversely, intense heat and dry conditions can cause the soil to shrink and settle, thereby providing insufficient support for the foundation. Trees are also a major cause of foundation damage, through water absorption that results in desiccated soil or by roots growing into the concrete.

For many home and business owners, plumbing problems are the culprit in foundation failures. For others, the damage may have occurred due to inferior construction of the foundation, insufficient preparation of the underlying ground, or extremes of heat and cold that causes expansion and compaction of soil.

Forces of nature can wreak havoc with foundations and the Twin Cities company has the experience and expertise to perform any type of repair, from foundation lifts to restorations. Individuals don’t have to live in a hurricane zone to experience foundation damage. Derecho storms and even light seismic activity can damage a foundation.

Foundation repair, basement waterproofing and foundation inspections are all available at Minneapolis Foundation Services. Reviews from satisfied clients are ample proof of the company’s experience and workmanship that’s evident in every project they complete

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