Basement Humidity And Water Problems On The Rise In Birmingham

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Foundation Pros, the leading name in basement waterproofing, has added more equipment and staff to better respond to the growing problem.

Increasing humidity and rainfall are contributing to the rise in basement moisture problems in Birmingham. Why is this significant? The air quality in the basement has a direct impact on the air quality in the home. The more humid the basement is, the more it encourages the growth of mold, mildew and other harmful air pollutants that seep into the air in the home. These pollutants are directly responsible for triggering or exacerbating a wide range of respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD, and more.

There are some fundamental reasons for humidity in a basement. The main culprit for increased basement humidity is standing water around the foundation of the home. Houses that don’t have adequate measures to direct rainwater away from the foundation often have significant issues with moisture and humidity. This is caused by water seeping into the porous block used to build the foundation.

Humid basements provide the perfect environment for a host of allergens. Mold, the most common indoor air pollutant, thrives in damp basement conditions. And, when the mold matures, it releases millions of spores into the air which are then carried into the home, polluting the air and triggering a range of respiratory conditions including asthma.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for humid or leaky basements. However, remedying the situation is necessary to eliminate the organisms that are causing harm. “Unfortunately many homeowners wait too long to call us for help. In many cases water has been a problem for months or years and they’re just getting around to doing something about it.” Said a spokesperson for the Foundation Pros. “The best advice we can give is to call for help as soon as you identify a leak or moisture in the basement or crawl space.”

Resolving basement humidity problems is an important first step. Foundation Pros offers an innovative basement waterproofing system that can eliminate the risk of water seeping into the foundation of the home. Not only will the system prevent mold growth in the basement, but can also provide protection against foundation damage caused by water accumulation.

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