Barrister Digital Solutions Upgrades Legal and E-Discovery Data Business Service

Barrister Digital Solutions now Secures and Manages Legal and E-Discovery Data with ClearSky Data Hybrid Cloud Service Including end-to-end Encryption and Integrated Disaster Recovery.

ClearSky Data, provider of on-demand primary storage with built-in offsite backup and disaster recovery (DR) as a service, today announced that Barrister Digital Solutions (BDS), a Washington, D.C.-based e-discovery and document solutions provider, is using ClearSky’s hybrid cloud service to protect and securely store sensitive client data. The ClearSky service lets BDS ensure its customers are protected against cybersecurity compromises and that they won’t lose data in the event of a failure, accidental deletion or file corruption.

For 17 years, BDS has provided digital discovery, litigation support and document management services to most of the law firms in the Am Law 100, as well as to corporations and public sector organizations. BDS is an authorized Relativity partner.

BDS selected the ClearSky service because of its stringent information governance and regulatory compliance standards, a must-have requirement for managing such sensitive legal documents. ClearSky provides BDS clients with complete data protection and on-demand access to e-discovery workloads without migration. All data in the ClearSky service is encrypted both at rest and in transit, and BDS alone controls the encryption keys. No one else has access to BDS’ data.

Nick Bruno, managing partner at BDS, said, “Our clients care deeply about data security and trust us with their most critical files – there’s no room for error given the highly sensitive work they do – and ClearSky meets our stringent demands. In addition, with ClearSky, we were able to reduce our storage and DR management footprint, since we no longer need to buy extra capacity to manage future data growth, and we can extend these savings to our customers.”

The ClearSky service lets BDS eliminate its reliance on complex and expensive on-premises primary and secondary storage solutions by providing an all-in-one approach to data management with built-in protection. BDS only pays for a single copy of data that’s available from anywhere, with no replication or egress fees.

ClearSky provides these security benefits to BDS and other customers with its hybrid cloud service powered by patented Smart-Tiered Caching® technology. The ClearSky service automatically optimizes BDS’ data across the entire lifecycle. Hot data is cached at the edge in the ClearSky architecture for guaranteed flash performance. Warm data is cached in a ClearSky point of presence (PoP) within 120 miles, and all data is stored in multiple locations in the public cloud. Recovery point objectives (RPOs) are as low as five minutes, with near-instant recovery time objectives (RTOs).

“BDS is a leading legal services provider, and their industry requires the highest standard of security and protection, as well as excellent performance,” said Ellen Rubin, CEO of ClearSky Data. “With automatic backup, disaster recovery and end-to-end encryption, our on-demand storage service makes capital intensive on-prem storage a thing of the past.”

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