Bark and Found’s Site: Exposing Recent Rash of Dog Abuse Issues and Challenges Regarding Them

Reporting and addressing the latest dog related news, important resources and items of interest and concern. Addressing recent news reports has become much more the focus for the website Bark and Found to offer solutions to these disturbing situations.

For many people a dog is much more than a pet, but a trusted friend and member of the family. It is only natural they feel a connection with dogs that need help given the recent rash of reported incidents of dog abuse featured almost daily in he news. Highlighting the rescues and challenges to save these dogs and their plight.

Focusing on these incidents, the people who attempt to care for them, and do everything in their power to reduce these disturbing trends. use this site to help the poor animals who have been abused, bred from puppy mills or ignored in low standard shelters. The website Bark and Found is a new website that allows visitors to connect, ask questions and contribute opinions and solutions to these daunting issues regarding abandoned and shelter dogs. The goal is to present solutions in a way that can be implemented to help change dog’s lives for the better and make a real difference in the way these poor animals are perceived and help them as well.

“No matter what you see or hear… Sharing Saves Lives,” commented a spokesperson from the organization. Bark and Found offers the kind of information that individuals who care for dogs can act on effectively to promoting remarkable dog rescues, showing ways to effectively report animal abuse, and especially linking to dogs currently in the news that are stories people are encouraged to share on social media and beyond.”

According to Bark and Found, they are also available to raise issues that people bring to them if attention is needed to an area concerning dogs or their guardians. Both the Bark and Found website and Facebook page have the goal of establishing an active community around their efforts and deliver real value to the abandoned, rescued puppy or dog saved from danger at a time.

Recent posts have covered reports on how problems with pit bulls are hugely exaggerated; a news story on an abandoned dog saving an entire family; an update on an abused dog finding a new home in her veterinarian’s office; and much more.

Bark and Found is updated multiple times a day.

Early feedback for these efforts has been very passionate, to say the least.

Attorney Jeremy Cohen recently remarked, “My law firm has recently established a presence on Facebook at Boston Dog Lawyers. We represent dog owners around the country when they need to defend their dog against allegations of bad behavior. Not enough folks know that they can fight city hall and I hope you can assist in spreading the word. Thank you for your help!”

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