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BBQ Crazy is a newly launched website dedicated to everything about barbecuing and grilling including recipes, news, hints, products and tips. BBQ Crazy also features an online store for barbecue cookers, accessories, rubs, sauces and more.

A new website has been launched by BBQ Crazy, dedicated to everything about barbecuing including recipes, news, hints, products and tips. For more information about BBQ Crazy barbecue and grill news, visit the website:

The BBQ Crazy ( site is a comprehensive resource for fans of barbecue and grilled meat, featuring fun news items and information, trending articles, how-to videos and instructional articles, hints, tips and tricks, rubs, spices and various products and accessories.

News items include anything barbecue related, currently featuring articles from everything on ‘Rec Tec Summer Sweepstakes’ pellet grill giveaway competition, ‘behind the scenes at BBQ University’, ‘Smoke is the Soul of BBQ’ to ‘HotDog Eating Champion Regains His Title’. There is also a segment on the ‘Pro BBQ Circuit’.

BBQ Crazy web articles categorized as ‘Trending Now’ include: Ribs in a Hurry – 5 Great Techniques; Filipino Barbecue – it’s in the Stuffing; and the Grill Lab – Science of Smoking and Grilling. The site also includes reviews of out of the ordinary products, such as a meat massager, and reviews of where to eat the best BBQ grill, such as ‘Eating Out: la Barbecue in Austin, Texas’.

Instructional articles on the BBQ Crazy site include recipe style articles, such as: Tulsa Torpedo (Bacon Weave Sausage Roll), Smoky Barbecue Ribs, Barbecue Pro Tips, Bacon Weave Burgers – Damn!, Pulled Pork in a Mason Jar, and more. The section on BBQ videos includes stories of interest and video recipes and how-tos on the many methods to BBQ and grill meat, as well as recipes for all kinds of BBQ sauces, including: Yellow Gold BBQ Sauce – Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce recipe; Homemade BBQ Sauce recipe; Alabama White BBQ Sauce recipe; Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce recipe; Carolina Vinegar BBQ Sauce recipe, and many more.

The BBQ Crazy site also features articles on new product releases, such as a new range of seasonings and rubs with catchy product names, by BBQ Rubz; articles on BBQ sauce as a primer, and three regional barbecue sauces perfect for pulled pork. These articles are complementary to items available from BBQ Crazy’s online store inventory.

Just some examples of items for purchase via the BBQ Crazy online store section of the website include: pit gloves, BBQs and cookers, smoke wood, thermometers, knives, rubs and spices, BBQ sauces, accessories and instruction books. More information is available on:

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