Bankruptcy Attorney to Help Teachers Overwhelmed with Debt

Bankruptcy Attorney Chris Mudd to help teachers with a special bankruptcy discount program

Oklahoma Bankruptcy Attorney Chris Mudd is expanding his services to include bankruptcy services for teachers. To introduce his bankruptcy for teachers, Mr. Mudd is discounting his fees. Bankruptcy attorney Mudd is starting a “Specialty Discount for Teachers” program as a way to show appreciation for their service to our children and hoping to attract other bankruptcy attorneys from across the country to participate.

For those teachers who are having financial difficult after the holidays, Mr. Mudd, at will give a big discount and will even take payments to help ease their debts.

The “Teachers Specialty Discount” program was started recently by bankruptcy attorney Chris Mudd. Mr Mudd stated “as a father and grandfather, I understand the importance that teachers play in the lives of our children and the fact that they are so under paid and under appreciated really bother me and I want to do what I can to help improve their situation.

We understand the importance of people from all walks of lives providing for their families in a way that they deserve but teachers face a unique set of circumstances, especially with the low pay in Oklahoma. We want to give them an easier way to get a fresh start.” Though Chris is based in Oklahoma City, we would like to invite bankruptcy attorneys from across the country to participate.

They also plan to contact other bankruptcy firms to participate. For this program to be successful, it will require dedication from as many bankruptcy attorneys as possible.

Going in to January and February, after the holidays, there is a lot of holiday stress caused by holiday spending and it is important to alleviate some of that stress for teachers.

Any military veteran interested in finding out more can call Chris Mudd at 405-529-9377 or go to

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