Bankruptcy Attorney in Ogden Utah Now Includeds Divorce, Family Law & Adoption

The MacFarlane Law practice, specializing in premier bankruptcy representation in Ogden, Utah, announces the expansion of areas of practice to family law, including divorce, payment arrangements, child custody, and adoption. Macfarlane Law provides clients with the best options in mediation, negotiation, and/or litigation.

The prominent legal firm, MacFarlane Law has announced the expansion of practice areas from it’s foundation in bankruptcy law to now cover all aspects of family law, including divorce, custody and adoption in Ogden, Utah.

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MacFarlane Law is a legal firm specializing in premier and seasoned mediation, negotiations or litigation in the areas of bankruptcy and now family law, including complex or traditional divorce, asset division, custody & visitation, child or spousal support and adoption or guardianship matters.

The business has announced the expanded services plus extensive information on its experienced and custom-tailored representation on family and bankruptcy law, including professional assistance to understand and navigate the bankruptcy process or filing the paper work and application, stopping creditor harassment and creating a fresh financial start.

Macfarlane Law attorney, Isaac Macfarlane, explains that its representation philosophy is “rather than taking complete control over your case, sitting down with you to discuss the specific process and outcome you would like. Think of our law firm as the map that shows you the various routes available to reach your destination. It is ultimately your decision about how you reach that final destination. Our goal is to service your interests and do so as cost effectively as possible”.

Isaac adds that, “having to turn to a lawyer is probably the last thing you want to do, but when you have no other option you should always turn to a firm that has the experience and reputation required to win your divorce or bankruptcy case. Not only are we prepared to protect your rights, we are also passionate about doing so. What sets us apart from other lawyers in the area is our genuine concern for your best interests and the success of your case”.

Consultations with the prominent attorney, Isaac Macfarlane and his team on any family law matters and bankruptcy issues, including free financial evaluations and advice on the range of legal options that can be pursued in specific cases, can be requested at 801-336-4321 or online through the website link provided above.

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