Banknote Authentication Service For World Paper Money Collectors Announced

A company that specializes in numismatics has launched its Trust, Authenticate, Protect or TAP process to help paper money hobbyists acquire authentic banknotes for their collection.

A company specializing in procuring banknotes from different countries has introduced its Trust, Authenticate, Protect (TAP) service to provide paper money collectors with authentic collectible bills.

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Banknote World, a collectible currency company in Stanton, California, stated that the TAP system aims to ensure its customers that the notes they purchase have passed a stringent authentication process. Banknotes that have passed the TAP process feature a unique authentication number and a QR code that can prove one’s ownership of the note.

The TAP process consists of three parts. The first section, Trust, refers to the Banknote World’s reputation, which the company stated it established over the years through its experience of providing customers high-quality banknotes sourced from reliable sources.

Authenticate, the second part of the process, involves the use of the latest anti-counterfeit technology and the services of experts to identify and verify the security features of the banknote. For instance, banknotes from Zimbabwe, which have seen a significant increase in counterfeits, have a series of patterns and micro-prints that should be present in all authentic bills.

Lastly, the Protect part aims to give customers the capability to prove their ownership of the authenticated note. This comes in the form of a custom protective sleeve, which includes a unique QR code that is linked to the banknote’s serial number.

This information can be viewed using a QR code scanner from any smart device. Proof of ownership can be transferred to another party should the original owner decides to sell the banknote.

Furthermore, Banknote World is accepting submissions of banknotes from owners who want to verify their collection using TAP.

Banknote World was founded in 2014 by Abdullah Beydoun, a specialist in banknotes with over two decades of experience in numismatics. Mr. Beydoun also maintains the free educational website, which provides information and images on thousands of notes.

Popular bills in its inventory include the one hundred trillion Zimbabwean dollar bill, the 100,000 Venezuelan bolívar note, and the Turkish one million lira bill, among others.

According to the company, its banknotes are sourced by its procurement team from the central banks of different countries. It added that each note it acquires undergoes imaging, listing, and authentication.

Full details about TAP and Banknote World’s services can be found at the URL above.

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