Bandana Face Covering Scarf Fashion Hair Tie Unisex Multipack Launched

A multipack of unisex bandanas in a classic design has been launched. The Ultimate Deals team explain they are ideal people who want to create trendy fashionable hairstyles.

A new versatile unisex multipack of bandanas has been launched aimed at people who want an alternative but effective face covering, motorcyclists, and fashion-conscious individuals who want to recreate trendy bandana hairstyles.

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The newly launched multipack is aimed at a variety of people explain the team at Ultimate Deals. They add that the pack offers something for everyone, whether they want a scarf that will warm their neck without getting in the way of their coat or a reliable face covering.

Made from 100% cotton, the team explain the bandanas are soft and comfortable to wear. Within the pack there are 12 bandanas in various colors including black, red, green, and white.

Aside from being used as a scarf, the team explain they can be turned into an accessory to create trendy fashion hairstyles by using the bandana to shape and style hair.

They explain that folding the bandana in half and creating a triangle shape before rolling it allows the bandana to be used as a headband with a knot at the front. Alternatively, wearers can tie a bow in the bandana before styling their hair in a high ponytail, bun, or half up half down style.

Bike riders and motorcyclists may also find the bandanas useful explain the team as they can prevent them from inhaling bugs in summer while also keeping their neck warm in winter. The classic design means the bandanas are the ideal gift or stocking filler over the holidays add the team.

People hosting virtual online or real life themed parties may also be interested in the multipack if they are planning on hosting a cowboy-themed party. Additionally, the team add the bandanas are suitable for people who are hiking and want to protect their face.

A reviewer wrote: “You get a nice variety of bandanas in this package. They are nice bandanas that wash up nicely and come out soft – they were a little stiff when they arrived. The colors did not bleed in the wash and they can be used as a headscarf, headband, or handkerchief. Overall, I am pleased with my new bandanas.”

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