Baltimore MD Rx Mitigation Service for Self Funded Employers Launches $0 Copay

ScriptSourcing has developed highly innovative and effective solutions to help self-funded employers control healthcare spend, particularly prescription spend. ScriptSourcing's "pay for performance" model delivers the best results for the employer and its plan members.

Baltimore, MD-based ScriptSourcing, LLC announces their $0 copay initiative to help self-funded employers mitigate the cost of thousands of name brand medications. By implementing rx cost mitigation solutions, businesses are saving 70-90% on prescription spend. The $0 copay helps plan members save money and better adhere to their maintenance medications.

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This service is being offered to help businesses save on prescription spend without sacrificing quality or convenience. Health insurance has become the second-biggest expense for companies after payroll, highlighting the need for a better approach to manage healthcare spend.

Employers are spending 2-10x more on popular name brand medications than other countries, ScriptSourcing’s solutions include an international pharmacy program with several Tier 1 countries which have the same or higher standards as the FDA in the USA.

ScriptSourcing is a technology and engagement company that has the ability to identify, educate, and enroll members who are eligible for lower cost medications. Members receive their medications via mail order for a $0 copay.

ScriptSourcing, LLC notes that most companies overpay for prescriptions because they are relying on their Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) to manage prescription costs and as a result, increases have been double-digit.

A spokesperson from the firm says:”Our healthcare system is plagued with misaligned interests and it’s important to partner with the right vendors whose interests are aligned with the client. We prefer to work with PBMs who adhere to fiduciary standards in which there are no hidden cash flows. Working with the right PBM can save an employer 30% on their company’s prescription spend.”

ScriptSourcing, LLC is a leading company that helps innovate risk management solutions to help self-funded employers control healthcare spend. With its self-funded health insurance consultancy, it aims to help businesses become more competitive in today’s challenging economic landscape.

A representative from the company says: “ScriptSourcing’s interests are aligned with our clients. If we don’t save our clients money, we don’t get paid. We are highly motivated to achieve quantifiable and measurable results.”

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