Baltimore MD Professional Sales Team Development – Sandler Training Launched

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McDonell Consulting Group, LLC (+1-410-339-5168) has announced a new update to its Sandler training program for professional development. The company offers professional sales and leadership coaching for individuals and teams in Baltimore.

Business owners can contact McDonell Consulting Group for bespoke training and coaching designed to support their team. Each updated program can be customized to suit their exact requirements, helping them to overcome unique obstacles and challenges.

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Following the latest move, clients can benefit from customized training to improve every aspect of their business. This includes sales skills, management strategies, customer service solutions, and personal development for the leadership team.

Coaching can be arranged for enterprise-level teams, larger operations, and internationally renowned businesses. Interested parties just have to contact the team, and a specialist Sandler trainer will devise a customized training solution.

The Sandler model has been responsible for over 500,000 hours of training globally in 2021. Following a bespoke coaching program, 88% of salespeople said that their results improved. Now, following the latest update, more businesses can benefit from innovative coaching frameworks and strategies.

A central focus point of the 2022 professional development training update is on behavioral and attitude change. Both self-guided courses and instructor-led training are available, empowering individuals and teams to make smarter decisions.

By hiring a Sandler training specialist, Baltimore-based businesses can see measurable ROI increases across staff attitude, motivation, and engagement. By leveraging simple and results-backed strategies, companies can meet and exceed their quotas and drive more sales on an ongoing basis.

Personal development training is based on a unique path to accelerated learning and self-growth. Whether business owners are trying to support an organizational change or they want better results on the sales floor, they can rely on the latest innovations within the Sandler system.

Sandler Online is an accessible and cutting-edge platform that allows anyone to educate and support their staff. On-demand access to all the tools and material is provided, empowering clients to achieve their goals.

A spokesperson for the program states: “You can grow your business with our award-winning ongoing sales and management training and coaching, high-quality keynote presenters for your event, and search and recruitment services. We want to support and help facilitate your organization’s growth and success.”

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