Baltimore MD Final Expense Coverage – Life Insurance For Seniors Launched

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Living Legacies, LLC, an insurance provider head quartered in Baltimore, Maryland, has launched a full range of affordable, benefit enriched life insurance policies, newly modernized to accommodate our new way of life.

The company’s latest launch includes homeownership programs, retirement planning, final expenses, and living benefits. Above all, their licensed insurance brokers offer strategic financial planning to assuage the anxiety accompanying retirement.

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Living Legacies’ latest announcement responds to the country’s surging cases of the Delta variant. As the virus continues to create economic instability, the company protects seniors and vulnerable populations living with fixed incomes.

Specifically, Living Legacies has a homeownership program to combat looming foreclosures. With these policies, clients protect their homes in case of unforeseen tragedies like death or disability. For instance, should illness or disability prevent a homeowner from working, the insurance covers their payments.

When it comes to retirement, Living Legacies also helps seniors maximize their assets through secure annuities. These investments ensure that seniors receive a guaranteed source of income that’s sheltered from market fluctuations. Similarly, the company’s living benefits program provides recipients with complete access to their benefits if they’re diagnosed with a serious illness.

Additionally, Living Legacies understands that selecting life insurance is a sobering process. As such, the company’s owner, Lynnette Upchurch, helps clients plan for every outcome. She offers life insurance policies that cover burial expenses and ensure that grieving families aren’t saddled with additional losses. Critically, Lynnette provides peace of mind to seniors and their families during unexpected tragedies.

With the launch, Living Legacies continues to help clients in Baltimore and the surrounding communities secure their future finances. To schedule an appointment with Lynnette, please visit

About Living Legacies

The company is a black-owned and independently operated business. As part of their mission, Lynnette and her team educate families with limited access to traditional resources, on the importance of financial preparation.

“Lynnette offered outstanding care and support that we greatly appreciated,” said one satisfied client. “She was second to none in putting our family in a position that helps us succeed for generations to come — I’d recommend her to anyone in need.”

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