Baltimore MD Confidential STD Testing – Hepatitis/Gonorrhea Fast Tests Launched

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The online health website STDHealthy has launched its STD testing services in Baltimore, MD. The website allows visitors to quickly, privately, and affordably locate and contact thousands of nearby laboratories.

The updated telehealth website gives access to a directory listing 4,500 FDA-approved labs and can make test results available as quickly as within 1 to 2 business days. Live chat and phone consultations with trained health education specialists 7 days a week are also available.

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The recent update will enable individuals to access fast, confidential, and FDA-approved testing for the most common STDs, including Hepatitis C, HIV, Chlamydia, and more.

Every year, about 20 million new STD transmissions and infections occur, and it is estimated that half of all Americans will contract an STD before the age of 25. Testing for STDs can be a complicated process, because different diseases have different incubation periods, meaning each specific disease takes a certain amount of time to show up on a test.

STDHealthy offers visitors extensive information on the 10 most common STDs to help them overcome these complications. There is an information page for each common STD, covering its symptoms, causes, risk factors, testing, and prevention.

The site also offers access to pricing and packages for test panels and individual tests. STDHealthy allows site visitors to connect to the only online STD testing service offering a comprehensive 10-test panel for all the most common bacterial and viral STDs.

STDHealthy also provides helpful information about men’s and women’s sexual health on topics such as where to find no-cost testing, how to distinguish between STDs and other illnesses, the effectiveness of different kinds of contraception, and the dangers of various STDs.

The site answers some of the most frequently asked questions about STDs, including questions about the difficult problem of testing and timing. This is a delicate issue because it is possible to be tested for STDs too early.

Premature tests can yield inaccurate results, possibly leading test recipients to think they are STD-free when in fact they are not. This danger is due to the unique incubation periods of specific diseases. STDHealthy provides a detailed infographic listing testing time frames and information about retesting for each common STD.

A satisfied client has said: “The process was very quick and easy. I went to the lab the same day and was in and out in 5 minutes. I received my results in 24 hours.”

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