Balcon Enterprises Releases First Buyer’s Protection Guide For Gaylord Boxes

Balcon Enterprises released the 2015 “Buyer’s Protection Guide” for Gaylord Boxes today. A Buyer’s Guide with tips to avoid common purchasing problems in the Gaylord Box Industry, thereby saving purchasing agents and end users both time and money.

The 2015 “Buyer’s Protection Guide” for Gaylord Boxes is the Industry’s first guide to help buyers avoid hidden cost, spot poor customer service signs early and avoid unexpected product quality issues. The guide is written for buyers who value time and product quality, but still need to save money when purchasing new or re-conditioned Gaylord Boxes. Buyers can click on the 2015 Buyer’s Protection Guide for Gaylord Boxes to download for free.

Balcon Enterprises co-founder Kevin Connelly says “buyers of re-conditioned gaylord boxes for example need to understand the difference between sold “as is” vs “like new” which is a common problem when purchasing Gaylord Boxes”. This guide opens the curtains on the industry to provide buyers with insights they can’t find easily elsewhere.

Buyers generally just want a Worry-Free and Predictable purchase experience when choosing a vendor who sells Gaylord Boxes or Heavy Duty Corrugated Gaylord Boxes and other times may be referred to as: Bulk Box, Bulk Bin, Skid Box, Tote Box, Bin Box, Corrugated Boxes, Corrugated Cardboard or Corrugated Fiberboard especially (RSC)Regular Slotted Containers – the most popular with “Less Hassle”, “Less Cost and “Less Time To Delivery”.

Three of the more common buyer frustrations include:

- Hidden Cost – Bait and Switch Tactics

- Product Quality Issues Related To “Lowest – Price” Ads

- Poor Customer Service Realized After The Order

The lowest price can often lead to “lower quality” and therefore, “damaged” items in transit. Buyers who shop primarily for the lowest price are encouraged to download and review the guide. Purchasing new or re-conditioned gaylord boxes can be an easy process, but if complexities arise, Balcon suggest buyer’s call and request the “2015 Gaylord Checklist” outlining Six “Product Design and Freight Tips” to simplify design, order and freight considerations for complex custom orders. These include:

- “Design Optimization” for specific gaylord box applications

- Improving gaylord box loading patterns

- Maximizing gaylord box container volume

- Eliminating damage in-transit

- Eliminate wasted warehouse space

- Improving maximum weight for Freight Savings

About Balcon Enterprises:

Balcon Enterprises founded in 2003 is a “5 Star Supplier’ for custom designed and “JIT” new FIBC Bulk Bags, new and re-conditioned Gaylord Boxes, liners and pallets serving the re-cycling, plastics, food, seed and manufacturing industries.

Balcon Enterprises is known for eliminating common purchasing and delivery hassles by offering a “Code of Performance” Guarantee and is considered a best in class resource for buyers who need more than an order taker, have complex requirements, unexpected inventory shortages or seek a quick turn small order.

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