Baking Heat Resistant Gloves Smoking & BBQ Grilling Cooking Mitts Launched

Cave Tools announced that their heat resistant grilling and cooking gloves are now available on Amazon. The gloves have 662°F heat resistance and are ideal for grilling, smoking and baking. All purchases come with 25 professional barbecue recipes and step by step instructions.

Cave Tools, an online retailer providing barbecue and cooking products, announced that their range of heat resistant grilling and cooking gloves is now available on Amazon. With 662°F heat resistance, the gloves are perfect not only for grilling but also for smoking and baking.

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When it comes to barbecue and grilling, gloves are very important as they are used to handle tongs, hot grates, hot food, hot grates, pizza stones, and even burning hot logs and coals.

When grilling, one’s hands and arms are often working directly over fire and a wrong move could lead to serious burns. In addition, it can get uncomfortable holding one’s arms over such a hot surface.

Cave Tools grilling gloves are designed to protect customers from this type of heat. With these flexible, heat resistant and durable gloves, customers are able to move food around on their grill leisurely without having to withdraw their hands repeatedly.

The gloves are made from lightweight flame retardant aramid fiber coated in nonslip silicone. Aramid fiber is the same kind of synthetic polymer that items such as Kevlar body armor and the fire-proof jackets that firemen wear are made of. It is a very tough material with great heat-resistance properties that allows one to be more agile when handling hot items or holding tools over a hot grill.

The gloves are light while still being maximally insulated. The knitted material lets the skin breath so that the hands stay dry and cool inside, even while grabbing hot plates.

If at any point customers are unhappy with their grilling gloves, they can return them for a full money back refund.

Clients who purchase the gloves also benefit from 25 professional barbecue recipes, complete with step by step instructions and extensive grilling tutorial videos and access to the Cave Tools’ growing library of over 135 cooking videos.

A satisfied customer said: “Just received these gloves and impressed with the quality and fit. Perfect for moving hot grates in my Weber smoker or lifting meat from the grill. Looking forward to many years of use.”

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