Baker, Govern & Baker, Inc Changes The Face Of Collections Agency

Baker, Govern & Baker, is proud to announce its legal network of collection attorney services. Clients can now benefit from professional attorney services to handle any legal issue that may arise from their monetary recovery activities.

Baker, Govern & Baker, the global debt collection, receivable management, and transportation collection firm, is proud to expound upon its legal network of collection attorney services.

For more than 30 years, Baker, Govern & Baker has provided professional services to clients both nationally and internationally. They work closely with clients in diverse fields of commercial trade and transportation industries to devise the best strategies for monetary recovery in the shortest timespan possible. However, different collection accounts require different strategies of collection. In some circumstances, legal actions are required to ensure that payment is obtained. When this occurs, clients benefit from BG&B’s conscientious and thorough attorney services to handle all legal issues.

In keeping up with the company’s vision of becoming “America’s preeminent collection company” as envisaged by its President and CEO, Michael Dierkes, the company has strong partnerships with the finest attorneys who make up its forwarding network. All the attorneys in Baker, Govern & Baker’s forwarding network are approved and insured members of the General Bar or the American Lawyers Quarterly. When the need for legal counsel arises, the company recommends only attorneys in its structured legal networks. These attorney networks have the best insurance programs with more than $2 million coverage for theft or loss.

“Our company’s Legal Forwarding team monitors compliance by these attorneys,” says Mr. Dierkes, the CEO and President of Baker, Govern & Baker, “The Legal Forwarding team coordinates suits, settlements, and debt payment schedules, as well as maintaining a consistent dialogue with counsel regarding status revisions, updates and sustaining open communications with clients.” When the debtor adopts an affirmative defense based on an alleged dispute or chooses to file a counterclaim, it becomes necessary to invest in defense of the dispute or counterclaim. Should the collection case go to trial, the client is required to provide its witnesses with information and facts pertaining to the case.

The company’s clients can request a no-obligation legal action quote on a collection claim. Even though the request does not mean that BG&B can proceed with litigation. Legal action is only taken when the client authorizes litigation. At Baker, Govern & Baker, everything is done solely in the client’s best interest.

The company’s clients benefit from being served by an international network of specialized attorneys, providing a smooth transition from the collection stage to litigation when it becomes necessary. Litigation for collection purposes is usually done in the debtor’s jurisdiction and is only executed after the client provides written authorization. To ensure the client’s interests are properly taken care of, the company only recommends litigation after thorough analysis and investigation.

As a leading global collections company, Baker, Govern & Baker is committed to providing clients with the best commercial and transportation collection experience. Their goal is to provide the maximum revenue recovery with or without litigation.

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