Bainbridge Island Dental’s New Owner Upgrades, Modernizes Office

Bainbridge Island Dentist buys practice, modernizes services, and continues the personal care that the practice is known for.

Sound Smiles Dental new owner brings in upgrades and modernizes office on Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island dental clinic, Sound Smiles Dental, has a new owner who is bringing upgrades to the office and is modernizing to meet the demands of new and returning patients.

Dr. Eli Thornock recently bought Sound Smiles Dental upon the retirement of Dr. David F. Spooner. Dr. Spooner was a much liked and well-respected practitioner in the Bainbridge Island community. Dr. Thornock said he plans to continue the same quality of service.

“Because of the high-quality care, most patients have been in the practice for years, many for decades. In taking over the practice, my focus is to continue the tradition of great dental care, to provide a highly personal and quality experience for my patients,” Dr. Thornock said. “We are continuing to treat Dr. Spooner’s patients and we’re also accepting new patients at the Bainbridge Island dental office.”

Dr. Thornock took over the office in August 2014 and has already made some upgrades.

“I have or will be modernizing many aspects of the office, such as digital charting and x-rays, a website, and various other improvements to help improve our patient’s experience. We want to continue the same great level of care, and also utilize many of the new technological developments in the dental field,” he said.


The Bainbridge Island dental office will soon have digital X-rays and the DEXIS CariVu for tooth examinations. The CariVu is an alternative to x-rays when looking at the interior composition of teeth and examining cavities.

DEXIS uses safe, near-infrared light to create an image of teeth. A healthy tooth will appear transparent while a cavity will absorb the light and clearly show on the image. Dr. Thornock said this provides a very high level of diagnosis.

“We looked into this technology and found a lot of positive feedback from other dentists,” he said. “Patients also like it because it does not require radiation. Because these images are stored in a computer, we can also easily send them to other doctors if needed. We don’t have to wait for the Post Office to deliver or hire a courier. We send the images online. It is very efficient.”


Dr. Thornock is a Washington native, coming from the eastern side of the state. He was professionally trained at the University of Washington School of Dentistry, graduating in 2011. He worked as an associate in a Shoreline, WA clinic, receiving valuable experience from the senior dentists at that office. Following a brief time there, he joined the practice of a former dental school classmate as a partner. Then the chance to take over Dr. Spooner’s practice came along, and Sound Smiles Dental was born. The previous owner of the Bainbridge Island clinic said it was a perfect fit.

“I love being a dentist! When I started out in dentistry I really loved the satisfaction I got from sculpting a new tooth out of one that was broken or diseased. It felt great being able to fix something that was broken. As the years pass, I have come to enjoy other things even more. I have gained a much greater sense of how important our mouths and teeth are for the well being of our health and our lives in general,” says Dr. Thornock.

For more information about the Bainbridge Island dental clinic, their contact information is below:

Sound Smiles Dental 299 Madison Ave N Suite A Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 (206) 842-4848

Release ID: 77268