Backyard Gardening Vertical Square Food Garden Planning Guide Launched

The Institute of Ecolonomics, a non-profit foundation providing ecologically sustainable business development services, launched a new report on backyard organic food growing. The new release showcases two space-effective gardening alternatives, offering resources on soil preparation and other important information.

The Institute of Ecolonomics, a non-profit organization providing environmentally-friendly business solutions, launched a new report on backyard gardening for sustainable food growing. The report gives a brief overview of space-effective alternatives such as square foot and vertical gardening, aiming to help readers start their own gardens regardless of how much space they plan to use.

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Backyard gardening has become increasingly more popular in recent years, as more and more people look for healthy alternatives to buying their food from supermarkets. Recent awareness of genetically modified foods has also contributed to this popularity, even among those living in urban areas, with many opting for space-effective solutions such as square foot raised beds and vertical gardening.

The Institute of Ecolonomics has launched a new report dedicated to homeowners looking to grow organic food in their own backyards. The report is written in an accessible, easy-to-understand style, offering actionable suggestions and outlining various alternatives for different types of garden planning.

For those homeowners who only have a very limited space available for their new gardens, the report suggests two viable alternatives: raised bed square foot gardens and vertical gardening. These options can be adapted to various environments, making them ideal for small spaces. They are also much less taxing for those suffering from back problems.

The report also presents the best practices for soil preparation for both traditional and raised gardens, as well as tips on how to easily create compost and organic fertilizers by using household, kitchen and yard waste.

Finally, the report showcases the importance of involving the entire family in the gardening process as a unique means to create strong family bonds and increase working efficiency.

Interested parties can find more information on the Institute of Ecolonomics report, as well as more resources on sustainable gardening, by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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