Backup Site Marius Price Andrei Robert 2016 New WordPress Plugin Launched

Marius Price and Andrei Robert just launched a new plugin and website backup program for Wordpress users who want to secure their site. Called Backup Site, it allows site owners to secure their website instantly, with daily, weekly or monthly backups.

Backup Site, a new WordPress plugin, has just launched and allows users to backup their site instantly at daily, weekly or monthly rates and restore those backups within a few mouse clicks. Unlike monthly fee products, users only pay once, and then they can back up their website as many times they like.

More information is available on the Backup Site homepage at:

The site explains that whether a WordPress user runs a forum, blog, e-commerce site or other online business, they need to be making regular online backups. If not, it says that one morning they could wake up to an internal server error and find that their entire site has been lost.

As well as instantly backing up a user’s website, Backup Site allows the site owner to instantly recover lost data and restore their site when it crashes within seconds. The Backup Site page underscores that this isn’t a technical process. The plugin walks users through a series of steps that, once followed, allow anyone to back up their site regardless of technical experience.

A full video preview is provided on site to show interested parties how the Backup Site plugin works, with screenshots showing the precise instructions for how to use it. It explains, in a step by step way, that the program provides an instant site backup system with almost zero load time and 100% site recoverability. Once it’s installed, it allows a website owner to back up any site as often as they like so they will no longer risk losing data.

Designed by Marius Price and Andrei Robert, it is used as a safeguard against the uncertainty of the internet. He explains that one of the most heart wrenching things to ever see as a business owner is when a website shows up a server error. It’s easy for the site owner’s anxiety to rise and for them to start wondering if all that hard work they’ve done is gone. Backup Site is designed to prevent that.

Anyone wanting to find out further details about the plugin can visit

Release ID: 116200