BacklinksVault Wins Product of the Day Award in JVzoo

BacklinksVault is an online marketing company focusing on Saas (software as a service), celebrating the launch of Crowd Search Me as the product of the day in JVzoo.

BacklinksVault has just released a new product, Crowd Search Me, winning the honor as “product of the day” within the JVzoo platform.

Crowd Search Me is a cloud based system powered by real people throughout the world on various devices and IPs that search for clients website keywords and find their respective webpages. The end result is higher Click Through Rate (CTR) and Dwell time (average time spent on page).

JVzoo is a platform that matches sellers, buyers and affiliates. With over millions of transactions, the competition is fierce to become the product of the day; it usually requires a 6 figure launch, and super affiliates joining to promote; members that have large email lists and influential leaders in their industry.

This is BacklinksVault second major product, first one being BacklinksIndexer, a system designed to index backlinks and boost them up in the search engines. The company has also launched many smaller products, ebooks and services which can be viewed from the website, or owners Matt Anton, and Dan Anton

Release ID: 72096