Backlink Rhino Matt Garrett 2016 SEO & Traffic Boosting Software Launched

Discover how you can quickly and easily boost your Google rankings by harnessing the power of backlinks from Wikipedia. Using Backlink Rhino, businesses in any niche can better establish themselves online and get more customers.

A new backlink service has been launched by Matt Garrett, allowing people to turn high authority sites into rankings boosting backlinks for any of their businesses. Called Backlink Rhino, it helps people to find authority sites that aren’t being used and get them to link to sites, YouTube videos and more, boosting their rankings on Google.

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Backlink Rhino helps people to build the backlink portfolio through using an advanced backlinks SaaS tool that tracks down high authority and powerful opportunities for boosting rankings across a range of digital platforms.

Because Google places so much emphasis on Wikipedia, getting links from the website makes the search engine trust the destination more, and therefore gives it more ranking power. Therefore, by getting Wikipedia to link to businesses, those businesses can quickly and easily boost their Google rankings.

This is one of the closely guarded secrets in the SEO industry, with those in the know getting high quality backlinks for their clients, which allows them to dominate the search results for keyword strings in any niche.

Now individuals and businesses can harness the power of Wikipedia to drive rankings boost spikes across their websites by using Backlink Rhino to find Wikipedia pages where the domain has expired and can be re-registered for small prices.

Backlink Rhino allows people to search for as many domains as they want, and then once they own the domain, they have a huge amount of flexibility with what they can use the backlinks for.

This means that, not only can they use the links for themselves, they can easily set up a business charging clients for providing these backlinks, or use it as part of an existing SEO service.

It works by inputting a catchphrase in the search bar, which allows people to find the dead Wikipedia pages, which they can then register for themselves and build a link back to their own websites.

Full details of how Backlink Rhino can be used to help businesses in any niche can be found on the URL above, with further information available at:

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