Back Pain Doctor Brunswick Ohio Treats Back Pain With Back Pain Doctor Team

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A back pain doctor team in Brunswick Ohio at the Advanced Spine, Joint and Wellness Center treats back pain for patients who have been suffering through symptoms for decades.

The Advanced Spine, Joint and Wellness Center touts the best back pain doctors in Brunswick Ohio. It is difficult to find back pain doctors in Brunswick Ohio as highly trained as those who come together to form the Advanced Spine Joint and Wellness Center’s expert back pain team. Back pain can be remedied by doctors trained in state-of-the-art techniques, and who treat patients’ back pain in a highly individualized manner, because every patient is presented with back pain for different reasons and every patient’s physiology is different.

Back pain plagues 80% of the American population at some point in their lives and can be debilitating and cause many Americans to miss work, family functions, and to miss out on many other aspects of life. If untreated, back pain can become chronic, and patients end up living through years of constant back pain. The back pain doctors in Brunswick Ohio at the Advanced Spine, Joint, and Wellness Center utilizes spinal decompression therapies, massage therapy, chiropractic services, physical therapy, trigger point injections, and more to alleviate back pain amongst patients.

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The back is composed of bones, ligaments, muscles, and joints, and can be injured and fatigued in many different ways. Back pain can manifest from strained muscles, ruptured disks, overused joints, and torn or sprained ligaments. The abundance of causes of back pain is vast and can range from seemingly harmless missteps or movements to serious injuries from car accidents or sports. Back pain can also be caused by diseases, obesity, posture issues, arthritis, and even stress. At The Advanced Spine, Joint, and Wellness Center, a back doctor in Brunswick Ohio will treat a patient as holistically as possible by viewing the patient’s problem as a whole, rather than solely focusing upon treating the patient’s back pain. The root of the pain is just as important as the pain in the eyes of the Advanced Spine, Joint, and Wellness Center Brunswick Ohio team.

A patient of the Advanced Spine, Joint and Wellness Center, Sasha, said: “I played competitive volleyball for 12 years and developed severe back pain due to a compilation of minor injuries, and I finally found a back pain doctor knowledgeable enough to get rid of my back pain. I had suffered for years, and am so grateful to be pain-free now.”

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