Baby Sleep Routines Program Healthy Sleeping Habits Training Book Released

Raquel Grace has released a new book. Available in paperback on Amazon, Grace’s Sleep Routines For Baby And You aims to help parents create mutually beneficial sleep routines for baby and parent.

Renowned author Raquel Grace has released her newest book. The book, titled Sleep Routines for Baby and You: How to Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night and Finally Get the Rest You Crave (From Newborn to School Age), is available as a paperback, Kindle and audiobook on Amazon.

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The recently released book aims to provide guidance to those who may be experiencing difficulties in creating and maintaining healthy sleep routines for their children, especially babies. The publication offers a plethora of useful information on the value of sleep for children and the effects that undesirable sleep habits can have on their bodies.

The author, Raquel Grace noted that “Sleep is vital in order for your kids to be at their best physically, mentally, and emotionally. Give them one of the most valuable gifts any parent can give: the right tools to help them sleep well from childhood and beyond”.

Many parents often dismiss babies waking at all hours during the night, or children failing to adhere to a set bedtime as part of the parenting journey. However, according to Grace’s book, this does not have to be every parent’s reality.

Grace advocates that, with the right guidance, desirable sleeping habits can progress with time since sleep routines can be taught. As a result, readers will be taught strategies on how to identify the root causes of their child’s sleep troubles, and how to rectify the issues identified. Most importantly, they will learn approaches that will help to make the baby not only fall asleep but stay asleep for an adequate amount of time.

Additionally, the new book reminds readers that sleep is a natural occurrence and helps them to discover essential information about the various stages of sleep and the importance of each stage. The book also provides resources that will help to aid sleep in both children and adults.

Raquel Grace’s Sleep Routines For Baby And You is available for purchase on Amazon in its paperback version.

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