Baby Nasal Blocked Nose Mucus Children’s Aspirator New Product Line Launched

Baby nasal aspirator company, SNOT-Free, has launched a new product line on Amazon with a 72% discount. The Baby Nasal Aspirator has high suction with low levels of noise, helping to clear a child's nose without causing distress.

Popular baby nasal aspirator company, SNOT-Free, has announced the launch of a new product line on Amazon. Alongside the launch, it has arranged for 72% to be taken off the recommended retail price, so interested parties can pick up the SNOT-Free Baby Nasal Aspirator at reduced rates. The company says it is designed to clear thicker mucus and makes for a well received baby shower gift.

More information can be found on the Amazon product page at:

The site explains that nasal congestion, which is caused by swelling on the inside of a child’s nose as well as build up of gunk, is what makes breathing harder than usual for many babies. A baby’s nose could get blocked for a wide range of reasons, whether it’s a cold or irritation from particles around the house, which include things their immune system hasn’t learned to deal with.

SNOT-Free says that it’s natural for babies to breathe through their nose rather than their mouth. When a child suffers from nasal congestion because of this build up of swelling and gunk, babies are likely to become uncomfortable and agitated. A further problem occurs when tasks like feeding and sleeping become more difficult.

Because of this, the company underscores how important it can be to provide the child with a powerful baby nasal aspirator that can help them to breathe again, avoiding the distressing cycle that can come about through hunger and tiredness.

The SNOT-Free Baby Nasal Aspirator site underscores that the product features premium suction power, which can help parents who are struggling to remove thicker mucus. The nasal aspirator for newborn device has high suction power but low noise output, with low vibration, so it is less likely to distress the baby.

This works to provide quick relief to a baby’s congestion, removing thick snot from their nose and promoting better breathing, feeding and sleeping. It can be used and controlled with a single hand, so parents can easily use the product while holding their child, and is designed with a blue dolphin shape to appeal to the child, taking the stress out of the situation.

Interested parties wanting to purchase the nasal aspirator can find full details available on Amazon.

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