Baby Miracles introduces Baby Starter Sets and Sleep Safe Boxes

Baby Miracles offers a Sleep Safe Boxes with Baby Starter Sets ​can help assure the infant sleeps safely by providing a bassinet for newborns that has all the essential items a newborn needs.

American should be embarrassed because since they are one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but they have the highest rate compared to 27 other rich countries of infant deaths under one year of age. The United States mortality rates for infants before their first year birthday averages 6.1 to 1000 babies.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, known as SIDS, is to blame for many of these deaths. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is an unknown cause of death, during sleep for infants under one year. Some factors put the baby at a higher risk. Sometimes the cause is brain abnormalities, low birth weight, or respiratory infections. Other times, the infant is put into a risky environment. If an infant is placed on their stomach or side, on too soft of a mattress, or with the parents, the risk of SIDS increases.

Baby Miracles introduces its Sleep Safe Box with Baby Starter Sets which make a beautiful maternity package gift. With a goal to prevent and lower infant deaths by helping all babies sleep safely.

Stopping SIDS starts with education and prevention. Baby Miracles wants to help educate parents about safe sleep box and provide them with a products to prevent infant deaths, such as the baby napsacks and swaddle blankets.

Educational Tips

With reducing the risk of SIDS it is encouraged for caregivers to:

Lay the baby on their back to sleep – Do not listen to Aunt Sally who put her baby on her stomach back in the 1970s. Guidelines have changed due to evidence based research. Right now, the safe sleep guidelines coincide with laying the infant on her back to sleep.

Boring crib – Do not put anything in the crib with the baby, including bumper and stuffed animals. That is why the safe sleep box is so popular. It is small and portable bassinet for baby to sleep safely, anywhere.

Do not sleep with the baby – Never co-sleep with baby. Sometimes, the baby sleeps better skin to skin on the parent, but if the parent is sleepy, this is unsafe.

Breastfeed – If possible, breastfeed the baby. It reduces the risk for SIDS in infants less than six months.

Pacifier – If the baby takes a pacifier (after three weeks of established breastfeeding), offer it. Do not force it, though. It may help reduce the risk of SIDS.

Starts with Prevention

With the Baby Miracles Sleep Safe Box which is designed as a baby starter set, with a goal to provide a product called Safe Sleep Boxes and to help educate parents to prevent SIDS for infants. Most importantly the baby can sleep safely, like the Finnish babies, by following Finnish tradition. Finnish mothers, since the 1930s, they provided a baby starter kit box when they are admitted to the hospital, giving them enough supplies to go home and a safe place for their infant to sleep. Finland continues to rank as the Country with the lowest number of SIDS deaths. Infants in America have three times the chance of dying before the first year of life than a baby born in Finland.

Baby Starter Sets and Sleep Safe Boxes

Sleep Safe Boxes with Baby Starter Sets can help assure the infant sleeps safely by providing a bassinet for newborns that has all the essential items a newborn needs.

The Sleep Safe Boxes include: – A firm fitted mattress – Waterproof mattress cover – Cotton Fitted Sheet – Lid for storage

The Baby Starter Sets include as little as 16 pieces and as many as 88 pieces in the maternity packages which comes inside the Sleep Safe Box.

The Sleep Safe Box with the Baby Starter Sets ranges in price from $69-$399, which is more affordable than most cribs and baby clothing.

Bambini & Baby Miracles are a family operated business for over twenty five years with excellent products and customer service.

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