Baby Eczema Itchy Skin Relief Soothing Organic Rosacea Cream Announced

Hydranure released an updated version of its popular organic skincare cream to enhance its efficiency in the treatment of dry and itchy skin.

Hydranure, a family company specializing in high-quality organic skincare creams, launched an update of its popular Hydranure cream for dry and itchy skin. The lotion is based on a proprietary formula with five plant-based organic active ingredients, vitamin E and an olive oil-based natural preservative.

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The latest update aims to provide customers in the UK and internationally with a high-quality skincare cream that can soothe and heal dry and itchy skin.

According to recent surveys, over half of the UK population suffers with dry skin. The condition is more frequent in adults and the elderly, but it also affects younger population groups.

The updated Hydranure cream soothes dry skin by featuring a series of key organic ingredients that promote optimal skin hydration and nourishing.

In a survey of more than 140 parents with children experiencing dry skin conditions, over 96% said that the children experienced symptom alleviation after using Hydranure.

The Hydranure formula has been developed by company founders Paul and Laura in collaboration with an experienced skin care and botanical expert. After years of research and testing, the cream has been used successfully to treat and manage a variety of skin conditions, including rosacea, baby eczema, psoriasis and many others.

With the latest announcement, Hydranure continues to invest in the development of high-quality skincare lotions based on active organic ingredients.

A satisfied customer said: “The product is very easy to use. I found the cream absorbed really well and made my skin feel good. My skin is very dry due to line of work I do but this cream really did seem to help. This cream worked really well. My skin felt loads better after using it. It did not cause any irritation too which I have found some other creams do. I really liked it.”

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