Baby Ear Thermometer Digital Infrared and Forehead Fast Reading Product Released

Enji Prime released an updated version of its popular digital infrared baby thermometer allowing one-scan temperature readings both on forehead and in ear. Can be used for the whole family and pets

Enji Prime, an online store specializing in household and lifestyle products, launched an updated version of its popular Infrared Thermometer. A versatile thermometer which can be used with children, adults and even pets, it allows fast one-second temperature scans on the forehead or in-ear. For increased accuracy, the thermometer is equipped with medical-grade infrared technology.

More details can be found at baby Ear Thermometer.

The newly updated product has been designed as a convenient tool for parents looking for an easy way to take their baby’s temperature. While armpit or rectal thermometers can be quite accurate, measuring temperature in these areas can be quite difficult, especially with toddlers or newborn babies.

The new digital infrared thermometer from Enji aims to provide parents with a highly accessible way to measure temperature in just one second.

The thermometer uses infrared technology to accurately identify body temperature on two areas, the forehead or the ear. Depending on the preferences of each user, the thermometer can be easily switched between the two modes.

The device beeps once to let the user know the reading is complete. To make temperature assessment easier, the screen emits a green light for normal temperature, yellow for slight fever, and red for a high fever.

To track body temperature trends, the thermometer can store up to 20 temperature readings.

Due to its increased versatility, the newly updated device can be used on children, adults and pets.

A satisfied customer said: “This is a great thermometer with awesome features. The light color indicating the temperature is great especially in the dark. My son found the colors to be fun to watch as well. It’s great to use when your kid is sleeping, and it’s also really easy to use and very accurate. I would highly recommend it!”

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