Baby Digital Ear Infrared Thermometer For Internal Temperature Accuracy Launched

Just-Brill announced the release of a newly improved version of its acclaimed DigiThermo thermometer, using an infrared laser to quickly and accurately deliver the internal temperature measurements, required by the doctors, and tailored to be conveniently used on babies, children or adults.

The popular Just-Brill has announced the launch of an improved version of its highly popular DigiThermo digital baby thermometer, with a newly included blue backlight and tailored for an accurate internal temperature reading on babies, children and/or adults.

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The DigiThermo is a highly popular and state-of-the-art thermometer using a premier and convenient infrared laser to ensure an instant and accurate read of the internal temperature, required by doctors and recommended by the official health information sources when treating a child.

The Just-Brill has now announced the release of an improved version of its DigiThermo thermometer with the addition of a new blue backlight while maintaining its convenient and accurate infrared laser temperature measurement via the eardrum and the possibility to select between both Celsius (ºC) or Fahrenheit (ºF) readings.

The DigiThermo also provides a memory recall of up to 10 temperature measurements to allow for comparisons with previous reads, automatically shuts down after 1 minute of inactivity to preserve the battery life and features a soft-touch button to ensure a convenient and non-distressing experience for the patient while requiring no end probe covers or extras.

More information on the newly released and improved Just-Brill DigiThermo thermometer for babies, children or adults, available on Amazon, and its easy and accurate laser internal temperature reading method along with the memory recall or newly added blue backlight and technical details or instructions can be consulted on the website link provided above along with 500+ user ratings or critiques.

The Just-Brill team explains that “when a child is sick it’s imperative to have a digital thermometer that can be trusted to deliver an accurate temperature reading. Our state-of-the-art, easy-to-use DigiThermo digital thermometer uses an infrared laser to measure a child’s or adult’s true internal temperature via the ear drum in just one second”.

The prominent business also reveals that “this is highly important because many child or baby thermometers are only ready to read the surface temperature, which is not the one required and needed by the doctors or recommended by all the Official Health Information Sources when treating a child”.

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